portrait of artist

Nature is my inspiration. The light of the sun, the moon, and the stars in the sky, and many other elements of nature trigger my imagination to create pictures. However, I do not depict exactly what I see in nature; instead, I try to arrange what I see in nature in my imaginary world. This process awakens my tender and innocent feelings of childhood and helps me to discover my pictorial vocabulary to express myself. In consequence, most of my pictures are landscapes of unknown places, an unknown world but they are not in abstract form. My pictures often have the moon, the stars, the flowers, the houses and my imaginary creatures; I try to fill each shape with my thoughts and feelings of the moment or from long ago although sometimes I do so unconsciously.


Most of my work is done in two different types of collages. One is multi-layered, dimensional, mixed media collage on handmade paper. I use oil pastel and watercolor for this collage; the colors are very bright and strong. The other collage is much less dimensional. I use my intaglio prints to create this collage and many of them are in black and white. Both collages have only hard-edged shapes. I had not been aware, for many years, that it was because I was influenced by Japanese wood cut prints, which have been a part of my background, culture, and life since I was a child. I was happy that my unconsciousness surfaced.

About Paper

When I was a child, folding Origami was my favorite pastime. My small fingertips learned the sensuous quality of paper. It was quite natural for me, then, to use paper for my collages. As I touch papers while I am working on collages brings the same sensation I felt many years ago and it is very magical.


It has been my avocation to write poems. I never considered publishing them. However, when I had an offer to illustrate a children's picture book, I did not want to illustrate another writer's stories or poems. I wanted to illustrate my own poems. I was very fortunate that my wish was granted.

Most of my poems are inspired by nature and by my childhood experience especially the time I spent with my grandmother. The enchanting memories of those years were filled with love, and with the glorious beauty of nature in Japan, which my grandmother and I appreciated greatly.

When I write for children, I simply like to share the feelings of joy, happiness, and appreciation I experienced when I was their age.